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Gas condensation boilers create energy in range from 20 to 1000 kW (special models even more), while wall gas condensation boilers are manufactured in energy span up to 100 kW. If there is need for more energy condensation boilers can be connected in a cascade which will increase overall heating effect all the way to necessary energy. However, if we compare individually in the area of same heating effect up to 100 kW, the conclusion is that: basic principle of work is the same; purpose is the same and this is to centrally heat home and prepare hot water for home (as well as offices, storages or factories, restaurants, etc); there is possibility to choose different types of regulations for different types of heating: radiator, floor, wall, ceiling or combined; choice of exhaust system is the same as exhaust dimensions. It is also important to note that Heating repairs Kensington are minimal.What is the difference among these? Although answer isn’t unique, it is important to note that condensation boiler has larger converter and this means there is larger volume of water that circulates through heating system. The result is the highest possible usability in the condensation technology as well as hydraulic stability of the system, which means there is no need for hydraulic switch installation in the system. Condensation boiler comes with the quality modulating burner with the best technical characteristics. Condensation boilers are robust and long-lasting, and Heating repairs Kensington are very rare. Condensation boiler is more expensive then classic gas boilers but this is worthy investment if you take into an account low maintenance expenses and high usability.
One factor that affects boiler maintenance is hard water and mechanical impurities. These often block boiler and we can’t predict these, but it is possible to postpone them with preventive installation of some devices available on the market, such as filter systems and systems for water softening.

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